The Wedding Photography Review that brought me to tears.

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Let it be known that being a part of couples wedding days is big deal for me, an honour actually. To be chosen to capture some extra special magic and tell a couples story is praise enough but I just want to quickly chat about reviews. I won’t keep you long.

I’m a big girl and don’t need praise or gifts to feel like I’ve done a good job. However I’m only human (and becoming a mum made me more emotional than ever before) so when someone take the time out of their busy day to drop a few kind words into my inbox, that act of kindness never goes unnoticed and means more than you’ll ever know.

One evening after putting the littles to bed and starting the post bedtime tidy up otherwise known as carnage! An email pinged through on my phone. It was from my gorgeous bride Hannah’s mum and the words caught me so off guard I just burst into tears. Like, ugly crying!

Does it feel a bit indulgent sharing this with you? A little. I think we all can get a bit uncomfortable with recognition or praise can’t we?

I’m so glad the memories I captured that beautiful summer’s day in Derby have warmed the hearts of many and my work of which I take so seriously (with extra lashings of fun of course) was noticed.

But what made this review so special is that Charlie seemed to see past me as just another supplier, and I can’t help but think what wonderful connection to have when you’ve spent just 10 hours in someones company, a stranger if you will.

Thank you for your words, I’m forever grateful.

So, what to take from this? I guess it’s just a reminder in life to share those kinds words to people we work with, those we love or even strangers in the street. Spread a little kindness and raise smiles and warm some hearts.

Big Love,

Mirl x

A Raving Derbyshire Wedding Review

Hi Mirl,

We just wanted to say how incredible the photographs are of Hannah and Gareth’s wedding.  You captured the day absolutely perfectly and we didn’t notice you half the time.  You were right there in the middle of everything taking the shots but were utterly invisible!  I don’t know how you did that.  Also, you appeared to grasp really quickly who all the most important people were.  Some of the closest friends and family feature frequently in their most natural and often vibrant state.  Super intuitive of you, absolutely amazing.

Thank you SO MUCH for giving us such valuable memories.  You have a wonderful talent, limitless patience, kindness, tolerance and huge depths of fun.  You were the perfect person and photographer for them.

I hope you continue to juggle work and home/family life with skill and fortitude.  I know it’s unpredictable and difficult at times.  I know you have a cape somewhere, Wonder Woman.

Thank you again
(Hannah’s Mum)

If you’d like to leave a google review, Couple, guest or family it would really mean the world.



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