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Chesterfield Registry Office Wedding: Rainy Romance with Rachel & Andrew

A little rain, a lot of love, and the historic Chesterfield Town Hall as the backdrop? It’s a yes from me. Rachel and Andrew’s micro wedding was a laid-back affair that turned a bit of drizzle into pure magic. and special shoutout to Rachel’s vinted outfit, so chic and a bloody bargain!

Chesterfield Town Hall Weddings

Short, Sweet, and Oh-So Lovely: The 2-Hour Micro Wedding Package

Chesterfield Town Hall, with the scenic Peak District in the distance, set the stage for an intimate ceremony filled with laughter and joy. Rachel and Andrew opted for my 2-Hour Micro Wedding package, the perfect fit for capturing the ceremony and stealing a few post-“I do” moments.

Cosy Vibes at Bottle & Thyme Chesterfield

After the ‘I dos,’ it was off to one of my favourite spots – Bottle & Thyme. Good food, plenty of fizz, and a relaxed vibe made it the ideal spot for a chilled reception with Rachel & Andrew’s family. Who needs a a high wedding breakfast when you can have a cozy get-together?

Dancing in the Rain: Chesterfield Town Hall Wedding Photography

Despite the raindrops, R&A’s spirit shone through during the portrait session. Chesterfield, with its cobbled streets and historic charm, provided a dreamy backdrop for capturing stolen glances and shared laughter. Sometimes the rain can be an unexpected element on a wedding day but will always add a touch of romance.

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