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Tipi Wedding of Dreams: The Hidden Hive Wedding Photography

I vividly remember the time I first met Tamsen & Tom through the pixels of a Zoom call. Their smiles were infectious, and their excitement for their upcoming wedding at The Hidden Hive, a dreamy tipi venue, was palpable. Little did I know, this delightful couple was about to throw the outdoor celebration of a lifetime, filled to the brim with love, laughter, and colour!

Weddings at The Hidden Hive

From the moment I stepped into Tam & Tom’s world, I was not just ‘the photographer’; I was welcomed as a friend, embraced by the warmth of their infectious joy. The Hidden Hive was the perfect venue for them. With its rustic charm and relaxed outdoor vibe, it provided the perfect backdrop for their wedding day. Their ceremony took place in the Honey Bee barn surrounded by their nearest and dearest and ended with colourful pom pots being thrown in celebration. SO MUCH FUN!

DIY Magic and Thrift Shop Treasures

Tamsen totally had a vision, and she brought a tornado of handmade charm to every nook and cranny at The Hidden Hive. Imagine thrifted treasures and handmade floral arrangements, she turned the venue into a wonderland that screamed Tamsen & Tom louder than a brass band at a wedding! Oh, more on that later!

Spontaneous Shindigs & Surprise Tunes

Later, after some very casual group photos, dinner was served and raindrops decided to join the party, thankfully there was a brass band on hand to lift everyone spirits and get the party started early.

We’re talking about core memories here – the kind you’d swear were scripted for a rom-com. Rain? Who cares! Dry under the tipi canvas, the raindrops turned a regular dinner into a dance party to remember at The Hidden Hive!

Outdoor wonderland at The Hidden Hive!

Snapping Moments, Not Poses

Being their photographer felt less like a job and more like snapping pics at a friend’s awesome party. Tamsen & Tom made it easy, all the details were a joy to capture and their love really did shone all day.

As I left them to party into the night, I couldn’t help but think – this is how weddings should be. Days like these that remind me why I chose to be a wedding photographer – to freeze in time the love stories that are as unique as the couples themselves. Cheers to Tamsen & Tom, the architects of their own outdoor wonderland at The Hidden Hive!



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