Reasons to say YES to a Micro Wedding.

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Six Reasons to consider a Micro Wedding…

Have you been toying with idea of a micro wedding? More and more couples are opting to keep their weddings a more intimate celebration and I am here for it! They may be smaller in size but with so many possibilities and love bursting at the seams, Micro Weddings are no trend and are here to stay.

So, what is a Micro Wedding?

Usually a micro wedding is a wedding with under 20-30 guests. By nature they tend to be super relaxed and a shorter day as couples say no to traditions and do things on their own schedule.

Why you might choose to have a more intimate celebration?

Firstly, it goes without saying you don’t need a reason to have a micro wedding. It’s your day, you plan it as you bloody well please. But, here’s a few reasons why you might want to consider a micro but magic wedding day.

  1. Usually a more relaxed and chilled Vibe:
    There can be so much pressure planning weddings so much so when it comes to the day it’s hard to switch off. When you scale back the plans the pressure eases too.

  2. Micro Weddings are often kinder on the budget:
    Typically, micro weddings cost less than a larger shindig which is nothing to grumble at. It leaves more pennies in the kitty to really splash out on the things that are important to you.

  3. Allows you more time to spend with your guests:
    Picture it, 20 of your absolute faves, drinks in hand, with so much time to chat, dance and celebrate and not even another influx of people in the evening either.

  4. They let you shun tradition & do it your way:
    When you say yes to a micro wedding, in the eyes of a traditional wedding you’re already a rebel. and I like it! You want to plan a day that is truly you and you can certainly do that when you keep things smaller.

  5. Quirky Micro Wedding Venues:
    If you’re planning a micro wedding a whole new type of venue becomes available to you. Your favourite pub or restaurant, that fun cafe/bar down the road or even someone’s home. Put your stamp on a venue that not everyone is getting married at and that holds a place in your heart.

  6. Micro Weddings run on their own schedule:
    Fancy getting married at 3pm and then heading to the local pub for cocktails and dinner at 7pm. No problem. Want to have a pre wedding brunch or get married at sunset sure. There can be so much flexibility with a micro wedding and not as many people to throw into the logistical mix.

If you’re now thinking, yep, a micro wedding is for me, I’d love to hear from you. My hourly packages are perfect for smaller celebrations.

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