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This is 10 Years: Amy & Sam’s Kelham Island Engagement Shoot

Engagement shoots are a great way to capture the love and excitement between a couple before their wedding day. Usually, I find myself out in the countryside for these shoots, exploring the beautiful Peak District. However, sometimes it’s nice to try something different. That’s exactly what Amy & Sam suggested when they asked me to do their engagement shoot in Kelham Island, Sheffield.

This is 10 Years: Amy & Sam's Kelham Island Engagement Shoot

Sheffield Engagement Shoot Locations: Kelham Island

Kelham Island is one of my favourite places because it offers a variety of awesome backdrops for photos. From its urban streets to the independent bars and cafes, it was the perfect location to capture Amy & Sam’s 10 year anniversary. They were also getting married at The Chimney house in there spring so it was perfect to get some shots in the area.

We started off our shoot with a walk around the area, enjoying the scenery and taking some casual shots along the way. It was January so to warm up a little, we had some fun and ran down the streets, gotta get those steps in right!? It was a fun way to bond and get some natural shots of the couple in motion.

This is 10 Years: Amy & Sam's Kelham Island Engagement Shoot

Engagement Shoot Idea: Beer & Connect 4

After our outdoor adventures, we headed into a bar for a well-deserved drink or two. It was a great opportunity to capture some candid moments of Amy & Sam enjoying each other’s company in a relaxed and intimate setting.

To end the session on a playful note, we decided to have a game of connect four. It to kinda competitive which so funny to capture and brought out their playful and fun-loving personalities.

Where to have your Engagement Session?

When it comes to engagement shoots, I always encourage couples to think outside the box and choose something that reflects their interests and personalities. Whether it’s exploring somewhere new, getting stuck into a hobby, or revisiting a special place, the possibilities are endless.

The relaxed and unique nature of Amy & Sam’s Kelham Island engagement session in Sheffield showcases the genuine love and connection between the couple. And it’s a reminder that engagement shoots can be a fun and memorable experience, capturing the essence of a couple’s relationship before the big day!



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