99 Mary Street Wedding . ft. a sequin dress

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Emily & Steve’s relaxed 99 Mary Street Wedding

When a bride tells you she’s wearing a sequin dress and getting married at 99 Mary Street, it’s hard not to get excited. Emily & Steve chose this amazing urban venue for their relaxed and intimate wedding. The gorgeous brick walls and famous red door was adorned with beautiful dried flowers, expertly arranged by Laurenne Hopkins.

The ceremony itself was unique. As they were already legally married, they had their lovely best friend as the officiant. There were tears joy as the couple exchanged their vows, and it was beautiful to witness.

confetti 99 Mary Street Wedding ft. a sequin dress

Sequins & Sunsets: 99 Mary Street Wedding Photographer

After the ceremony, the celebration continued with espresso martinis flowing and confetti covering the cobbled street. But the highlight (quite literally) was the breathtaking sunset. City Sunsets are really quite incredible. The sun poured down Mary Street and turned Emily into a human disco ball! ACE!

We couldn’t resist taking a short stroll into Sheffield for some portraits. We kept it chilled and captured cool and relaxed couple portraits against the stunning backdrop of city. You never need to worry about doing it ‘right’ with me. As long as you bring yourselves and your love, I’ll capture your magic just as you are.

Sheffield Wedding Photography

As a Sheffield photographer, it was an absolute pleasure to capture the magic of Em & Steve’s wedding at 99 Mary Street. The unique setting and the couple’s laid-back style allowed us to create incredible images that truly reflect their love story.

If you’re looking for a photographer who can bring out the natural beauty and emotion of your wedding day, whether it’s at 99 Mary Street or any other location, I would love to be a part of your journey. My goal is to create images that tell your story in a relaxed and authentic way, capturing the unseen moments that matter most to you.



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