Urban Engagement Shoot at The Mowbray, Sheffield

engagement shoot on roof terrace at the mowbray

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A Cool engagement shoot at The Mowbray for Hayley & James

Take a rooftop terrace, an Aperol spritz, and a lovely couple and you have the engagement session of Hayley & James. We didn’t need much time to capture some portraits of this gorgeous pair, who will be tying the knot at one of Sheffield’s best venues, The Mowbray.

Cocktails on the roof terrace – An engagement shoot at The Mowbray

We went for relaxed and urban vibes, perfect for their fun and carefree personalities and sat and had a little drink on the roof terrace. We chatted all things wedding and hoped that James didn’t lose his eyebrows on his upcoming stag do. (Update: He didn’t.)

engagement shoot on roof terrace at the mowbray

I always say to my couples we can do anything or go anywhere for their engagement sessions. A wander in the countryside, a coffee date, walk the dog, whatever you like. This was a super relaxed session and it was nice to be at their chosen wedding venue as not all places can allow that.

How to Use Your Engagement Photos at your wedding…

Have you ever thought about what to do with your engagement photos after your session? You could of course print them in a photo book or put in some frames but how about this cool idea…

H&J had mentioned that they wanted some photos to include in their wedding newspaper stationery on the wedding day. It’s such a cool idea; a printed newspaper full of details, the who’s who, the timeline and photos from the shoot. How fun, I can’t wait to see how these turn out. I love the idea of including the photos on your wedding day.

engagement shoot on roof terrace at the mowbray

I cannot wait to photograph their wedding at The Mowbrayit’s going to be a corker I can just tell. This spot at The Mowbray would also make a fab place to head to for photos during your wedding reception. If you’re looking at these photos and thinking they are a bit of you then hit me up! I’d love to chat about capturing your wedding or pre wedding session.

Big Love,

Mirl x



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