The Best Place for an Engagement Shoot in the Peak District

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The Number One Place for an Engagement Shoot in the Peak District… Drum Roll Please… Curbar Edge!

Curbar edge couples shoot Derbyshire

Sorry not sorry, but I just can’t get enough of Curbar Edge. I’ve done a fair few shoots here now, including a wedding, and it just never fails. Rain, shine, or sunset—it’s always wonderful.

Curbar Edge is one of the Peak District’s gems. Perched high above the Derwent Valley, this stunning gritstone escarpment offers panoramic views that will take your breath away. It’s part of the Peak District National Park, which was the first national park established in the UK back in 1951. Rich in history, Curbar Edge and the surrounding areas have seen human activity dating back to the Bronze Age. How cool is that?

engagement session at curbar edge peak district

Parking at Curbar Gap

One of the great things about Curbar Edge is its accessibility. There’s a small car park at Curbar Gap, just a short walk from the edge itself. If you’re planning a visit, arrive early to snag a spot, especially on weekends or come for sunset and soak up the last of the light. The walk from the car park to the edge is fairly easy, making it perfect for a relaxed engagement shoot without any strenuous hiking.

Champagne at Curbar Edge

Is Curbar Edge Accessible?

Baslow Edge – Accessibility & Wheelchair friendly

Curbar Edge is probably to the easiest to navigate in a wheelchair however Baslow Edge has got you covered. There is a more wheelchair accessible walk along Baslow edge, depending on the type of tire your aid might have you should still be able to enjoy the views. Me and my husband do regularly with in a wheelchair and mobility scooter, it’s not the smoothest of paths but manageable.

Baslow edge or curbar edge - which is more accessible?

A Jolly good place for a coffee

I can’t talk about Curbar Edge without a shoutout to Jolly’s. The amazing Citreoen Van serving coffee cake and the best sausage rolls in all of the land. Jolly’s has a special place in my heart as we had them come to our wedding the morning after we’d all camped out in bell tents in Hope Valley.

A wedding couple at Jolly's Curbar Edge

Jolly’s Coffee & Cake Opening Hours

Fridays: 11am – 4pm

Saturdays & Sunday: 10.30am – 4.30pm

But do check out their social media for updates as sometime’s they might not make it up when the weather is not on our side.

Jolly’s Coffee and Cake : Facebook | Instagram

curbar edge wedding and engagement photography

Engagement Shoot Photography at Curbar Edge

Let’s talk about the fabulous engagement session I did there recently with Lydia & Joe. They were such a lovely couple, full of energy and love. I always ask my couples to come as they are, but Lydia & Joe brought along some props, and it added such a fun element to the shoot. We even did a champagne spray feeling like we were on the top of the world – it was magical!



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