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Stacey & James’ Haarlem Mill Wedding – A Derbyshire Love Story

Alright folks! Picture this – blooming daffodils, a beautifully renovated industrial mill, and a couple so in love and surrounded by their fave people. I had the absolute pleasure of being behind the lens at Stacey and James’ wedding at Haarlem Mill in Wirksworth, Derbyshire. And let me tell you, it was like capturing pure magic.

Haarlem Mill – Relaxed Industrial Style Weddings

Haarlem Mill, with its exposed brick and lead back industrial style, set the stage for a super relaxed celebration. I love the contrast you get when you pair beautiful flowers and details with the brick and steel beams and it’s a venue that doesn’t disappoint.

Haarlem Mill has a dedicated space for each part of the wedding day which makes the day flow beautifully from getting ready to the dance floor antics in the evening. It also has so many gorgeous backdrops making portraits and group shots effortlessly beautiful.

Stacey & James’ wedding day was equal parts fun and intimate. No real formalities, just a laid-back atmosphere that made everyone feel right at home and it’s those kinds of weddings that I absolutely love to photograph because the genuine warmth and connection between everyone.

confetti at Haarlem mill

Stacey’s Bow-tiful Dress

But let’s talk about the details, shall we? Stacey looked breathtaking in her gorgeous bow dress and gold Jimmy Choo. And the flowers, oh my! They were provided by a wonderful not-for-profit organization called Grow Outside, which is a fantastic social enterprise. Not only did their arrangements add a burst of colour to the day, but they also supported a great cause.

Haarlem Mill Wedding Photography

Stacey and James’ spring wedding at Haarlem Mill was a masterclass in keeping it real. Fuss free, good vibes, genuine moments, and a whole lot of love. The setting, the flowers, the details, and the awesome crew of family and friends created a day that felt like a breath of fresh air. As the one behind the camera, I got to capture the essence of a celebration that was all about being laid-back and living in the moment. Here’s to Stacey and James, a wedding to remember.



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