A DIY Summer Wedding at Foremark Cottages

bride with a circle of flowers around her

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Love in Full Bloom: Hannah & Gareth’s Derbyshire Wedding at Foremark Cottages

Picture this: a sky so blue it’s practically a painting, bunting swaying in the breeze, and a church radiating love that gives you goosebumps. That was just the beginning of the dreamy day I had the pleasure of photographing – Hannah and Gareth’s wedding at the oh-so-charming Foremark Cottages in Derby.

bride with a circle of flowers around her A DIY Summer Wedding at Foremark Cottages

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Hannah and Gareth’s wedding was like a perfectly choreographed dance (more on the ceilidh band later) with everyone pitching in. Mum became the floral maestro, the bridesmaids turned into beauty magicians, and there was an all-hands-on-deck vibe for styling the marquee. The result? A celebration that felt like one big, happy collaboration with a generous sprinkling of love.

DIY Magic at Foremark Cottages

These two lovebirds brought their A-game to infuse the rustic venue with their vibrant personalities. Everywhere you looked, there were pops of color, laughter, and a vibe that shouted, “This is totally us!” It was like attending a party thrown by your coolest friends.

The Great British Bake off comes to Derby

The pudding table was a sight to behold! Mary Berry would have been proud. Think epic, think indulgent, think “I’ve never seen so many delicious desserts in one place!” The table(s) were basically a sugary wonderland that had guests snapping pics and digging in with pure joy. You bet I took some sweet treats home with me.

Fun Weddings at Foremark Cottages

Ceilidh Shenanigans:

Now, here’s the game-changer – a ceilidh band! Let’s start a petition to have them at every wedding because, seriously, SO.MUCH.FUN! The lively tunes, the infectious energy, and the wild dancing turned the reception into a ceilidh shindig that will be talked about for years. Capturing the dancing was amazing, everyone was up on the dance floor and giving it a try and the laughter and smiles made grabbing candid photos super easy.

Foremark Cottages Wedding Photography

Cheers to Forever:

As the day wrapped up, it was clear that Hannah and Gareth weren’t just celebrating a wedding; they were kicking off a lifetime of joyous adventures. Their love-filled day was not just about the ‘I do’s but about the ‘We do, forever.’ Huge congrats to the dynamic duo – may your love story be as happy, vibrant, and downright awesome as your wedding day! Cheers to a lifetime of bliss!



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